Reina Jeong

New York University
When I first tried to transfer to U.S. College, I didn’t get a single acceptance letter from colleges that I applied to.

I was disappointed but I couldn’t give up. I searched deeper for agencies that I could trust with my transfer application. And I found the Uni Prep. At that time, I was attending California College’s "../success-stories.html"age school.

The Uni Prep suggested me to come to New York, work with tutors with my application essay, giving me specific options and plans for my case. I thought ‘let’s give it a try’. I went to New York, stayed at the Uni Prep’s dorm, worked on my application with staffs and tutors at the Uni Prep for a week. Because Eric, directing manager, made a very particular plan and schedule for me, I could finish everything on time.

Before I went back to California, my application was done and all I had to do was wait. Suddenly I got very nervous. I couldn’t stop thinking those what ifs. What if I don’t get into any school again? But those doubts disappeared as I got one, two, and three acceptance letters.

I want to thank everyone, especially Eric for my acceptance. I couldn’t have done it without the Uni Prep. Thank you so much!