Selena Lee

University of Southern California
When I was in Korea, I never had tutor. My grades were somewhere in the midpoint, my parents decided what I should do rather than what I want to do, which was art school student.

Even though it was not what I chose, I kind of liked painting so I went along with my parents’ decision. While spending my high school years at the art academy I thought I could make top art colleges in Seoul. But the reality was harsh. I couldn’t even apply to colleges in Seoul and I got into a college that I never heard of, far away from Seoul. But I didn’t want to spend another year like before so I went and attended the school.

During second year break, I went to visit my uncle in Canada. And I was shocked. My cousins were totally changed. I didn’t even know how to say “hello” where my cousins were speaking English fluently. Before going to Canada, they were just like me, no hope, no dream but to go to college in Korea but now they were speaking English, going to prestigious universities in Canada. When I came back from Canada, I told my parents that I want to go to New York and spend few years to learn English and learn what I want to do. My parents were little shocked but respected my decision.

This is when I found out about the Uni Prep. I found suitable "../success-stories.html"age school through the Uni Prep and also stayed at the Uni Prep’s dorm. While studying at the Uni Prep, I became very close with Elly, general manager at the Uni Prep and she suggested me many possible things I could do and explore here in the U.S. After completing the "../success-stories.html"age school, I decided to try college in the U.S.

It was very hard at first. Professors were lot different from teachers at the "../success-stories.html"age school but with the help of the Uni Prep’s tutoring system, I could maintain my GPA and had higher dream. I asked if I could transfer to Business school at Rutgers University and Elly told me we can do our best and try. It was even harder than I thought. Writing admissions essays, writing resume, and also maintain my GPA at the school I was attending. But Elly kept encouraged me that I can do it and I did it. I got in to Rutgers University.

It was a whole new world. Studying was much harder but I was more motivated than before and tired my best to keep up with studying. Two years went by very fast. But just like old saying “there is no limit to people’s greed”, I got new dream, studying accounting at USC Marshall accounting program.

I went straight to Elly and told her about my new dream and asked her if I could do it, at that time, I had one year left until graduation. And without any doubt or hesitation Elly told me “of course!” My second transfer admission was harder than first but just like the first one, I got the acceptance letter.

I thank everyone who helped me through this long journey, especially to my parents and Elly. Thank you for changing my life and bringing out my potentials. I want to encourage those who are considered as not smart, not brilliant that you can do more than what you think you can do. Thank you for reading this.