David Jang

Rutgers University
I am writing this to share my experience hoping it helps you with choosing the right counseling institution. I majored in geodetic engineering and graduated from a college in a small town in Korea.

Form this one sentence, you can tell how bad I was at studying. To help you to understand better, I did not know the difference between make and made. Yes, I was never interested in studying.

However, in reality in Korea it is very difficult to get a job that pays you enough unless you once have gone to study abroad or speaks English fluently.

After years of working in a small store, I truly realized the importance of earning a good education, and decided to study abroad where I can experience different culture and learn English at the same time.

I am pretty sure some of you who are reading my writing will agree with me on everything I wrote above, and I guarantee that you are reading this because you have thought about studying abroad at least once.

However, not many people get a chance to do so because of the financial status. Studying abroad consumes a lot of money; therefore, you need some sort of a financial support. I was lucky enough to have parents who can support me to do so. Just to get used to custom and culture, I went to bridge schools in Philadelphia and New York in the states for about a year first.

Then I wanted to transfer to a better school, yet it was hard to find information what and how to prepare by myself. One day a friend introduced me to Elly at the Uniprep. Elly at first recommended me to take ELI courses at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Then, she helped me to transfer to the Bridge College where I majored in Non-matriculated, meaning that I did really not have a major instead took general classes just to earn credits to transfer to another school.

After graduating from the bridge college, I entered Rutgers University in New Jersey. I was able to achieve all because people at the Uniprep truly cared as if it were their own business, and I can guarantee you that you would get the same experience and be satisfied with the outcome in the end.

I thank everyone at the Uniprep and am very happy to be a part of Rutgers.