Jenna Park

New York University
I was depressed, with a severe homesick, back in the days of December 2010.

When I first came to New York, I had no one to depend on. I attended ELS course for more than a year, but I still had no clue what's going to be the next step. I didn't know how to set up my target, reach and safety schools, how to decide my major, and so on. I was all by myself, and was afraid of my future. I had no where to ask my problems, then I met Director Elly from Uniprep. It was the first time I'd ever talked to someone about my issues, and Elly was a savior. She gave me a list of things that I should do, and provided me a solid transfer strategy.

I was wandering for more than a year before I came to Uniprep, but I could prepare my transfer in a less than a month with Uniprep. I got into Berkeley College, as a Business Management major. Though, taking a college level course for the first time of my life wasn't easy. The lecture was fast-paced and difficult. Furthermore, I was the only international student in class, which made me alienated. Still, Elly kept me motivated, and provided me a tutoring program. With the tutors, I studied every day and nights. I did all the homework and prepared for the quizzes and tests. Finally, I ended up with a GPA of 4.5, which was A+ from all courses.

After a glory of the successful 1st semester, I decided to transfer to better college that I'd always dreamed of. Since my life in New York was so tough, deciding to transfer itself was my biggest challenge. There were so many things to prepare in order to submit a perfect application. Still, Elly helped me throughout the entire procedure doing it. I managed all the extra curricular activities as well as high GPA, with the strategic plan of Uniprep. I was motivated through a year in Berkeley college, and was accepted from NYU as a transfer admission.

The slump that I had fallen into was so deep that I couldn't overcome by myself. Seemingly luxurious New York was a city of loneliness and depression for me, until I met Uniprep. The one year with Uniprep was the most precious time in my life.Thanks to Elly and Uniprep, I found my goal, but something even more valuable, a life changing lesson, that I can do it.