Samuel Lee

Columbia University
Hello, I am Samuel Lee, who worked with the Uniprep, New York’s best education management company. Before I talk about myself, I want to thank the Uniprep, who helped me throughout my application process.

I think that working with the Uniprep is like building a house. Based on students’ interest and desire, the Uniprep starts drawing the blueprints, consider all the possible arrangements, carefully putting things together to build good, strong houses. Just like all the other constructions, we might undergo trial and error.

But I can assure that those problems will become as foundation to your academic success. And there is nothing to worry about sine the Uniprep will be there for you from the beginning to an end.

I want to thank Elly who always supported me, Eric who gave total support, academic mentor. It is all because of them that I got great results. And thank you Leah, Hannah, and Boa who always answered my questions throughout the process. Lastly, I want to thank my teachers, Seonah and Sehee, who helped me not only on my essays but also were my mentors. Thank you so much.

I am very grateful and also embarrassed sharing the first chapter of my life. I want you to know that with the Uniprep’s help and your effort, you will be able to head toward your dream and desire. Thank you for reading my story and again, thank you Uniprep!