About Us

THE UNI PREP is one of the biggest education companies in New York and our office is located in the heart of Manhattan.

We are an Education Management Group that manages and customizes academic plan for students to succeed and excel in his or her future.

THE UNI PREP has many years of experiences in the field and our counselors are equipped to help students to achieve academic excellence as well as to prepare them of future success.

THE UNI PREP’s program is not only for the “A” students but also for the “F” students, making possible from impossible.

Total number of Colleges and Universities in the U.S. is 7643. THE UNI PREP guarentees your accetpance to the TOP 1-76 Colleges and Universities, the TOP 1%.
  • To fully prepare students for future academic success, THE UNI PREP starts from basic understanding of English and education system in the U.S.
  • Professional and specific tutor program service for all sorts of English Proficiency tests, each subject, and major.
  • Continuous motivation, GPA management, Test Preparation, College Preparation for the TOP 1 Universities and Colleges.
  • General counseling services other than academic counseling for students’ successful school lives.
  • Career preparation will be provided with specific major and career choices that students choose such as internship connections.


What differentiates us from other education companies is that THE UNI PREP is an education management company which is not limited to education, but we also provide an extraordinary management service to our students.

From academic counseling to daily support, THE UNI PREP offers more than you can imagine.

The quality of the instructors mainly determines the quality of educational services. Many instructors focus only on supporting students to receive perfect scores, but the test score is only one of the elements that make up a student’s academic profile.

Indeed, there are many more elements to be considered for an ideal academic profile. Our goal is to help students achieve excellence in all areas.

Admitted School

We have successfully sent over 200 students to their desired Universities and Schools.

We are Education Management Group, THE UNI PREP.

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