Nichole Kwak

Columbia University
I am transferring to Columbia University this semester. I can definitely say, the Uniprep's plan was successful.

I attended Berkeley College, according to the Uniprep's Transfer Program. First time studying abroad is tough to everyone. However, I had Eric and Elly. They helped me everything throughout the registration, planning for class schedules, paying the tuition, and so on. I could solely concentrate on my academics, since tiredsome administration process required from the school and US was so fast and easy with the help of The Uniprep. I asked them for a tutoring session whenever I had hard assignments of tests coming up, and it was very helpful maintaining my GPA.

In the middle of my sophomore year, I became comfortable living in New York, and made lots of friends here. However, as I started to hang out with them more often and stopped visiting The Uniprep regularly, I gradually lost control of my daily life. I had so much fun, but didn't spend enough time thinking about my future. Suddenly, I was lost. I had no idea why I should transfer or what to do with my life. I had high GPA, but nothing else. I hadn't done any extra curricular activities; no admission essays were prepared; I didn't even know which school I should apply for. I was depressed so severely, that I booked a flight heading back to Korea. But deep in my heart, I didn't want to go back with nothing. Being desperate, I visited The Uniprep once again. Eric, Elly, and all the staffs greeted me with a warm smile, and said, it wasn't late. I cried with regrets that I didn't visit Uniprep earlier.

They encouraged me a lot, and consulted me with the schools and majors to apply. When they suggested me to apply for Columbia and NYU, I was surprised, and skeptical. I'd never thought about those top schools, and didn't even believe if I could ever do it. But they supported me. Even for my decision to go back to Korea, they supported me to take a short break and rest. Still, they suggested me to edit my admission essay with the Uniprep tutors online, and discuss extracurricular activities with Eric over the phone, during the stay in Korea.

So I was able to spend the resting period in Korea efficiently. I studied for an IELTS exam during the days, and edited my essay with the remote service of Uniprep during the nights. I asked tons of skeptical questions everyday, but they never discouraged me, but answered my questions sincerely. I prepared my application with them step by step, and was notified with an interview schedule from Columbia University. I was so unsure and nervous until the very last moment, but Uniprep staffs cheered me up. The fact that an interview was given proved that I was actually a prominent candidate. With their cheerful explanation, I was able to finish my interview with much of confidence.

Finally, I received an admission letter from Columbia on December. It was like a Christmas present. I am still in this ultimate joy, and I believe I would never be able to make this success without the Uniprep. Now I am waiting for a course placement exam, preparing it with the Uniprep tutors. Thank you so much for all your help, Uniprep.