Total Management

Total Management

THE UNI PREP offers extraordinary educational Total Management Services to our students.
Our Total Management Service is what differentiates us from other educational agencies.
Total Management
GPA Management

Our students are striving for academic excellence under the guidance of professional counselors and instructors.
THE UNI PREP’s professional team ensures that our students receive good grades and maintain excellent academic standing throughout the school years in both high school and college. Our counselors keep tracks of students’ progress in each class including their class materials, homework assignments, and exams.
Our instructors construct a curriculum that simulates the progress in the school year so students can revise class materials and get the necessary homework help that they need.

Total Management
Education Planning

THE UNI PREP provides personalized academic plan for each student based on their academic needs, performance at school, and personal future goals.
Through careful academic evaluation, our counselor places students on the right programs or pathways so that they can be admitted to the schools or universities that they have dreamed of attending or achieve their personal goals and prepare their academic future well.

Total Management
Test Preparation Course

Standardized test is one of the most important elements in college admissions and it can be challenging to prepare for the test.
THE UNI PREP provides test preparation tutoring for students who need extra help to practice for the test. Our instructors are professionally trained to help students with standardized test preparation, tackling the questions you will see on the tests with specific skills. With the help of this Test Preparation Course, students will be fully prepared to perform well in any standardized tests.
Our standardized test preparation includes tutoring on SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and more.

Total Management
Career Training

At THE UNI PREP, we want to help our students to achieve success. Based on students’ interests, UNIPREP connects them with internship programs related their field of study.
Our internship opportunities are spread across various fields in finance, business management, arts and designs, music, and more. Core Interview training and preparation sessions are provided to our students prior to their job interviews; these sessions will successfully prepare our students by tackling questions they will encounter at real job interviews.

Total Management
Activity / Competition / Award

Students at THE UNI PREP will receive opportunities to participate in academic competitions.
Each year, our staff prepare a list of academic competitions in Art, Music, Film, and Business. Students can choose which test they would like to participate in. For students who are interested in participating in art competitions, UNIPREP has professionally trained art instructors who have years of experience in teaching arts at art institutions.
Participating in an academic competition is a great input for the college application as the admission team would look for a diversified profile from students.

Total Management
Summer Program Admission

THE UNI PREP Summer Program is highly beneficial to both high school and college students who want to make the best use of their summer vacation.
THE UNI PREP has established connections with world-renowned schools such as Columbia University, Parsons School of Design, and New York University.
We offer diversified high school summer programs including Arts, Music, Designs, Business, and more. The credits or certificate students earned from the summer courses can be directly applied to their future college applications or bachelor degree.

We are Education Management Group, THE UNI PREP.

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