International Consulting

International Consulting

Consultation on study abroad programs to broaden your world views.
With our insights and experiences in helping international students, students are equipped with knowledge of what to expect in their student life abroad and access to colleges information easier through THE UNI PREP.

Language School / Institutes Admissions

We help students to enroll in languages schools and institutes in the U.S.A., Australia, UK, Canada, Philippines, etc. Academic advisors counsel the students carefully and give them the best opportunities to choose the right language schools. We also help students to transfer from school to school and promote their English level by giving tutoring from our own center.

  • For high school students, college counseling will also be provided.
  • Regular proctored practice test to check students’ improvement.
  • General English Program, Academic English Program, Test Preparation Program, Etc.
  • Kaplan, ILSC, Rennert, ELS, and many other Language Schools and Institutes.

Conditional Admissions

Some universities offer Conditional Admission through language schools. Students who receive a Conditional Admission offer are considered to be academically qualified, but lack the English proficiency required for a regular admission.
We help students to get a Conditional Admission letter that states that the student will be admitted once they demonstrate a specified level of English proficiency.

TESOL Program

The TESOL Program is Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages. THE UNI PREP highly recommends the TESOL program to students who are interested in becoming teacher, researcher, or curriculum developer in English as a second language. From certificate program to doctorate program, THE UNI PREP helps students to find suitable programs and institutions.

Visa Process

Getting ready for visa application is complicated as well as confusing. We are here to minimize your stress and maximize the possibility of getting your desired visa. Our visa specialists analyze your circumstances and documents, prepare for the worst situation, and help students with interviews.

  • Student Visa (F Visas), Work Visa (H, L, O, P, Q, and R visas), Business/Tourist Visa (B-1/B-2 visitor visa), Exchange Visitor Visa (J Visa)
  • Change of Status: changing non-immigration status from one to another (Ex – H-1 visa to F-1 visa)

Summer Program Admission

THE UNI PREP Summer Programs are not only for high school students, but for our college students as well. To make the best use of summer-time, college students are highly recommended to take summer courses. These courses are not only limited to art and design courses, but college credit courses including English, Math, Science and more. Students can apply the credits towards their bachelor degree once they complete the course.

We are Education Management Group, THE UNI PREP.

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