Melissa Jeon

New York University
After graduating from high school, I was not sure what to do in life, and wasted a year without even trying to figure out.

Then, I suddenly decided to travel to another country so I can experience and explore new things. Without any hesitation, I moved to St. Petersburg in Florida where I took an ELS course.St. Petersburg was a small town, where there were not many Korean people and I thought it would benefit me in learning English.

After 6 months, I moved to New York and took another ELS course. When I was in New York, I realized I wanted to enroll at NYU to study hospitality and tourism management. I returned to Florida and took classes in a local college to earn credits and transfer to NYU. However, the preparation to transfer was difficult to do by myself. I had to make good grades in classes, prepare recommendation letters as well as other documents for the application as an international student.

One of my friends told me about the Uniprep which is a well known counseling group for helping students with the preparation to enter a school or transfer among students in New York. Since I was still in Florida, I got help via skype and email for the most of time, yet I was also able to visit the Uniprep in New York several times.

With their help, I am now a student at NYU studying hospitality and tourism management. I appreciate the truthful care from people at the Uniprep.