Julia Park

Columbia University
Hello, I am Julia Park. I am a junior at Columbia University.

I knew UNIPREP through Kim, hyunjin manager of US uhak at Gangnam branch while I planned to register for English language course.

While I was waiting for all of procedures, I could meet Eric who works as a manager at UNIPREP in NYC. I was lucky because Eric helped me out to find a room and gave a lot of useful information to me such as opening a bank account, cell phone service, and etc. Because of this, I could easily become familiar with settling down in NYC. It has been over one year but I still remember the first day I visited UNIPREP. All staffs and teachers welcomed warmly and gave me a lot of valuable information. Thanks to all of your efforts and kindness. Special thanks to Eric and Elly.^.^

When I came to NYC, I started taking ESL course at a local language center, thinking about transferring to local fashion schools. At that time, Eric advised me to go to college, not language center for just learning English. As soon as I knew taking credit classes at college could save my time, I enrolled a local college. During my college time, I think I had benefit from taking college courses. Not surprisingly, I had been struggling with understanding college level lectures and weekly assigned tasks. However, Eric and Elly comforted me with wise advice and encouraged me to keep moving forward. Besides, UNIPREP offered person to person tutoring service and it was very helpful. UNIPREP transferring system is solely systematic and effective. With the entire support by UNIPREP, I could receive an admission letter from Columbia.

Although my path have become different from the past, it is unbelievable that I am a student at Columbia which is one of best colleges in the world. This is such a huge accomplishment to me. What I was in the past could not imagine what I am now. I am so proud of myself as well. So, I would like to say the UNIPREP made all my success happened. Having supported by UNIPREP, I could go through with the whole process. I am truly grateful to all UNIPREP teachers and staffs for their help. I will come by soon to see all of teachers and staff members

Hopefully, my story could help those who plan to transfer prestige universities. I wish you all the best! Keep moving forward!!