Youth Consulting

Youth Consulting

Craft the academic foundation for a successful future.
A successful future requires planning early on in life. Our counselors are dedicated to crafting the academic paths for youth and providing them with the necessary guidance in building a foundation for future success.

Private K-12 School Admissions

We take the necessary time to walk with students attending a school that is academically challenging; stress the importance of good work habits necessary to take full advantage of all educational opportunities; and expose them to as many extracurricular activities as possible to peak and sustain their interest.
We also supplement their test preparation with our own additional tutoring. There are numerous test- taking strategies that truly make a difference. An admissions application is much like a job application and the process should be approached as such. We help students to finish all paperwork for the application including admission essays.

Private High School Admissions

THE UNI PREP is partnered with prestigious private high schools throughout America.
Our company offers full academic services as well as after-school support for our younger students. Our counselor will guide the younger students as guardians, giving them well-rounded support both inside and outside school. Students who are looking to experience western education earlier in life will benefit greatly from our high school admission program.

  • Regis High School
  • Dalton School
  • Léman Manhattan Preparatory School
  • Other specialized high schools

Test Preparation Course

THE UNI PREP’s Test Prep Course is a personalized, one-on-one support course that will ensure your goal score. Professional test specialists will analyze each student’s weaknesses and strengths, and give personalized instructions for higher scores.

  • For high school students, college counseling will also be provided.
  • Regular proctored practice test to check students’ improvement.
  • Scheduling and managing each test score.

Extracurricular and Internships

THE UNI PREP, we believe our students should be well rounded besides having good academic standing. Throughout the school year, we arrange the following for students:

  • Volunteer Services in the local community.
  • Participation in various competitions with the help of our teachers.
  • Core Interview training and preparation (our teacher would simulate a real job interview).
  • Connect students with appropriate internships based on the area of their interest.

Summer Program Admission

THE UNI PREP Summer Program is highly beneficial to both high school and college students who want to make the best use of their summer vacation. UNIPREP has established connections with world-renowned schools such as Columbia University, Parsons School of Design, and New York University.
We offer diversified high school summer programs including Arts, Music, Designs, Business, and more. The credits or certificate students earned from the summer courses can be directly applied to their future college applications or bachelor degree.

We are Education Management Group, THE UNI PREP.

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