Jennifer Kang

Fordham University (Graduate)
Hello, this is Jennifer Kang, accepted from Fordham University Graduate Program.

While I was attending college in Korea, majoring Korean Literature, I kept thinking if this was really what I wanted to pursue in the future. But looking at my friends, I couldn’t just stop studying and search for what I want to do. So I did. I graduated from my college. But those questions kept following me. I talked to my parents about this and they suggested me to explore bigger world, study English in New York. That is how I came to New York. I came through the Uni Prep where I met Elly. She didn’t only listen to my concerns but also gave me suggestion which was going to graduate school here in New York.

Frankly, my English was very poor at that time and I never thought about going to graduate school. But Elly researched majors and schools that would fit me and guided me that I could do it. And when I decided to go, she helped me from studying GMAT to essay, resume and other supplements.

It was very hard for me to decide and attend graduate school in foreign country. But because of Elly who truly cared for me and helped me, I could become the person I wanted to be. Thank you!