Success Stories

Success Story

Accepted to UC Berkeley / USC, with a GED

George P.

Admission Process

1. Beginning Status

Dropped out of high school, earned GED

2. Bridge School

Essay, Documents Prep

3. Acceptance

Admitted to UC Berkeley, USC

Admission & Transfer Process

Step 1

Before Uniprep

George had a hard time through his high school years. He took a GED test instead of finishing the school and decided not to attend college. However, four years after he got a job, he realized that he wanted a decent college degree for a better career.

Step 2

After Uniprep

George was not exactly a qualified candidate for a college in the first place. Thus, Uniprep suggested a transfer strategy -- attending a relatively less competitive 4-year college as a stepping stone, and then transferring to his dream school. George immediately enrolled to one of the Uniprep-affiliated colleges.

Step 3

Bridge School

After several counseling sessions with Uniprep, George started to dream of working in an Investment Securities company. Uniprep suggested him to take more business classes from another college as a non-matriculating student, in order to show his passion and capability to the admission officers. He studied hard with the Uniprep's professional tutors and was able to keep a perfect GPA, high enough to be on the Dean's List.

Step 4

Essays, Documents

Uniprep advised him to participate in an economics research program as an undergraduate intern. Since he successfully handled this immense responsibility, the recommendation letter he got from his supervisor was one of a kind, and his resume was professional as well. His final admission essay also reflected his unique philosophy in stock business, based on this research experience.

Step 5


After months of preparation, George finally received admission letters from UC Berkeley and University of Southern California. Now he is majoring in Economics, hoping to be an investment banker after he graduates.

Total Processing Period

16 Months
  • Bridge School

    Jan 2016 - May 2017

  • Processing

    Dec 2016 - May 2017

Student's Work

Acceptance Letter

Our Instructor Says..

Even though George was not into academics when he attended high school, he gradually grew interests in Economics as he attended bridge schools. It was a pleasure working with George. Congratulations once again, George!