Success Stories

Success Story

A college dropout
found a new opportunity at Columbia University

Terry C.

Admission Process

1. Beginning Status

Withdrawn from CalTech
after multiple academic probations

2. Consultancy

Essay and resume building

3. Acceptance

Columbia, NYU, WashU

Admission & Transfer Process

Step 1

Before Uniprep

Terry was a brilliant student who was attending California Institute of Technology (aka CalTech). However, during his freshman year, he had been going through some personal difficulties, and it was very tough for him to keep up with the CalTech's rigorous academic standards. He failed several courses and was asked to leave the school.

Step 2

After Uniprep

Even though Terry received bad grades from CalTech, still he was a bright student who once won a medal from International Math Olympiad. Thus, Uniprep focused on emphasizing his true intelligence that had been set aside at CalTech throughout his personal hardships.

Step 3

Resume Building

Terry had been working as a business strategist at a startup company after he dropped out of the school. Hence, the key to the admission process was to show his ability as a successful business analyst, despite his poor academic performance. Thus, Uniprep provided a consultation on getting four recommendation letters of excellent qualities from his coworkers and superiors.

Step 4

Application Process

Since his grades were substantially low, the Uniprep suggested to continuously submit extra essays and statement of purpose, even after the original application was submitted, to stand out among hundreds of applicants. Meanwhile, his resume was impeccable after several editing with our professional editors.

Step 5


With the aid of Uniprep, Terry was able to emphasize his tremendous career as a business analyst, compensating his bad grades with a thoroughly organized career plan and passion in business. Eventually, Terry was accepted to Columbia University, NYU, and Washington University at St.Louis, even with numerous failing grades from CalTech.

Total Processing Period

6 Months
  • Processing

    Dec 2017 - Apr 2018

Student's Work

Acceptance Letter

Our Instructor Says..

When Terry came to Uniprep, he did not have a solid career plan. Even though it was natural to feel nervous at first, he became more and more confident throughout the consultation. We thank him for his trust and dedication, which led to three glorious acceptance letters.