Success Stories

Success Story

Accepted to UT Austin Ph.D. program,
with Uniprep

Mindy Y.

Admission Process

1. Beginning Status

BS/MS Degree from home country

2. Bridge School

Essay, Documents Prep

3. Acceptance

UT Austin Ph.D. Program

Admission & Transfer Process

Step 1

Before Uniprep

Mindy received her master's degree in chemistry from her home country. She decided to go to the US for a doctoral degree, but was afraid of the complicated application process since she could not physically come to the US and check the application step by step. Her low GRE score also discouraged her from applying.

Step 2

After Uniprep

Mindy was unsure about the application process at the first place. For her, Uniprep offered a specific guideline and list of documents that had to be submitted. Based on her GRE score, research paper, and so on, Uniprep built a strategic blueprint analyzing her chance to get in to Reach, Match, and Safety schools.

Step 3

Resume, Research Papers

An essence of Ph.D. application is to show profound knowledge in one's field. However, even though Mindy had remarkable research experiences throughout her master's degree, explaining her research ideas in English was the toughest part that Mindy found hard. With the professional STEM editors of Uniprep, her papers and thesis were successfully translated into English, with correct usage of chemical terms.

Step 4

Essays, Documents

Since Mindy had a GRE score of a bit lower than the average, she had to emphasize the research experience and other professional skills. Her research projects were described in her resume and essays in details, but with a succinct language. Mindy was also able to get great references from the professors by following Uniprep's guideline to emphasize the desired information in a recommendation letter.

Step 5


Since there are lots of factors to consider, such as specific research project that a student wishes to participate, teaching assistantship duties, scholarship opportunities, grad school application is far more complicated than that of undergrad. With Uniprep, however, Mindy was able to submit the application successfully, and finally was admitted to UT Austin, Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Total Processing Period

5 Months
  • Processing

    Oct 2017 - Mar 2018

Student's Work

Acceptance Letter

Our Instructor Says..

We feel grateful that Mindy truly appreciated our instructions, which finally led her to a brighter future in grad school. We wish her passion in chemistry blooms in Texas.