Success Stories

Success Story

Seeking for a new dream,
transferred to NYU

Greg K.

Admission Process

1. Beginning Status

Decided to come to NY

2. Bridge School

Attended 4-yr college

3. Acceptance

Transferred to NYU

Admission & Transfer Process

Step 1

Before Uniprep

Greg used to study Mechanical Engineering in his home country. However, he was not satisfied with his major and decided to study abroad. With the aid of an international education agency, he secured his spot in a four-year college, looking forward to transferring to a more prestigious school later. However, the agency only helped him with the admission process. After registering for classes, he had to manage everything all by himself, which was very demanding for a first-time international student.

Step 2

After Uniprep

Greg, not knowing which field of study that he wants to major, was wasting his time taking unnecessary courses. The Uniprep immediately consulted Greg to decide a major and have a firm grasp of what he actually wants to do. After several counseling sessions, Greg found out that he'd been interested in Economics. Thus, Uniprep offered him a full course plan in Economics, packed with essential courses for transfer admission.

Step 3

GPA Boost

Since Greg had reasonably good high school grades, The Uniprep encouraged him to dream bigger and recommended NYU for his dream school. Greg was doubtful at the first place because of his poor English, but then gradually became confident as he studied with Uniprep's professional tutors and was able to reach high GPA of 3.9, at the end of the year.

Step 4

Resume Buildup

In order to prepare his admission essays and resume with a more sense of professionalism, Uniprep suggested Greg an internship opportunity from an international trade business. From submitting an application to a final interview, Uniprep provided a full consulting service, and Greg successfully finished his internship. Moreover, he prepared volunteer activities, awards from various business/economics competition, as well as admission essays full of profound thoughts.

Step 5


With his ceaseless efforts in managing course works, extracurricular activities, and English at the same time, Greg finally received an admission letter from NYU on December 2017.

Total Processing Period

23 Months
  • Bridge School

    Jan 2016 - Dec 2017

  • Processing

    April 2017 - Dec 2017

Student's Work

Acceptance Letter

Our Instructor Says..

Greg is a very goal-oriented person who even succeeded in losing 35 lbs during the admission process. Watching him focused on his goal, we knew that he could do it. We were very proud to see Greg building confidence as days went by. We will always be with you, Greg, come see us anytime.